Shallow Love • jb

Shallow Love • jb

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cat from the 6 By biebersharmony Updated Mar 10, 2017

Rashida "Rhea" Scott, just graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor's Degree in Business. Though, she wouldn't have survived the treacherous 4 years without her knucklehead high school best friends, Ryan Butler, Chaz Somers, and Justin Bieber. 

Now that Rhea has finished college, she's on the lookout ready to start her own cafe business in Beverly Hills. And to give a helping hand, Justin encourages Rhea to live with him until she's fully settled. 

Yet, there's always disadvantages when living with a popstar who was also your first love 2 years ago. Both, Justin and Rhea haven't seriously dated anyone since each other, but maybe living together will spark an old flame or just flames.

From waking up at 2 A.M. hearing banging, moaning, and cries of a different girl almost every night screaming 'Justin, harder!' from the room over. Or walking into the kitchen the next morning, seeing Justin's "flavor of the week" wearing nothing but his t-shirt eating cereal. 

There's only so many girls Rhea can wake up to. 


Nowadays these girls be so ruthless
2 A.M. knockin' on my front door, who's this?
Girl I don't even know your name


Divin' in headfirst into some shallow waters
I'm just touchin' on a subject that I feel is kinda catastrophic

- Based off the song, Shallow Love, by Jack and Jack -

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lala4211 lala4211 Sep 08, 2017
You brought her here during my best friend time oh no 🤦🏽‍♂️
Caribbean_kisses Caribbean_kisses Jul 30, 2017
Lol true but I wear two sizes bigger not smaller 😂😂😂
Biebervillegasxo Biebervillegasxo Oct 09, 2017
My best friends ex broke up with her 2 says before their one year anniversary
Biebervillegasxo Biebervillegasxo Oct 09, 2017
Can’t wait until I’m the Class of 2021 (college).. I’m currently in my first year for nursing
GeneAesthetic GeneAesthetic Aug 26, 2016
mahlillove mahlillove Nov 24, 2016
Maybe they were playing a game smh. Doesn't always have to be sexual