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Wanting Cayden Rose (Manxboy)

Wanting Cayden Rose (Manxboy)

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Irony By Heretheirony Updated Jun 30, 2016

The boy had black hair that fell way too low upon his face, concealing the brightest blue eyes I had ever seen. He wore a disgusted look upon his face. Anyone could tell not to mess with him, the scars that littered his arms and legs, to the fresh cuts and bruises on his face.

"Cayden is a fighter Sir. I suggest you keep him on a leash", the adoption lady uttered. I merely frowned at her joke. From the minute I had seen him I wanted him.

"where do I sign?"


Alex Trygun is fresh out of College and well on his way to becoming one of the biggest lawyers in America, with his out standing jobs on cases as a college student.He has a sharp tongue and a way of making people do what he wants before he says it.To put it simply, Alex is getting bored even though his life is finally getting started. Living in New York is one thing, but walking at night is another. That's where he finds street kid Cayden, who happens to save his life from a group of thugs, then proceeds to steal his wallet. Chasing Cayden down leads him to an orphanage where by some weird stroke of luck, he finds himself adopting the kid, who is even more blunt than he is.

BabyEll1 BabyEll1 Mar 30
No background checks this man could be a whole rapist and she just let him adopt him??
narrysbish narrysbish May 12
My brother said a bunch of kids were bullying him about his family and i was like "well what did you say back"
                              He said AND I SHITT YOU NOT "tell your mother i said thanks for last night"
                              And i nearly fell to the floor. He is in 3rd grade
Just_My_Death Just_My_Death Jun 28, 2016
When your right harder but put stuff in your left pocket 0-0
retro_mum retro_mum Apr 09, 2016
                              SIR! SHOOTS HAVE BEEN FIRED
                              I REPEAT SHOTS HAVE BEEN FIRED
imafangirlupeasant imafangirlupeasant Jul 14, 2016
You mean S? Wait what... But C doesn't have its own sound right? I feel stupid.
What??? I don't wanna pronounce it Cayden... Yea I think Ima stick with "kayden"... And they're THE CUTEST THING EVER!!!! I'm just gonna dieeeeeee T.T