「Trust Us」| Diabolik Lovers [ Temporarily Discontinued ]

「Trust Us」| Diabolik Lovers [ Temporarily Discontinued ]

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Kat ♡ By KatTheOtaku Updated May 01, 2016

Being loved by four vampires can only go so well. Everything from jealousy, love, angst, and so much more can happen in such little time. But when that time begins wearing thin and all of your options are slowly dwindling, is there anything you can do other than trusting your four captors?

{Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction of Vampireness! Mukami Brothers X Reader~}

| Warnings- This book may/ will contain violence, blood and gore, strong language, masochistic and sadistic tendencies, somewhat graphics scenes, virtually everything you would normally find in Diabolik Lovers honestly. |

-Disclaimer! I do not own Diabolik Lovers, any of the characters, or you for that matter. All I own is the plot!-

^ Story Started Wednesday, September 16th, 2015^

Mai_ra_san_ Mai_ra_san_ Jun 05, 2016
Wonderfully words to be used in such story..Hahaha, it was like a high class story for me..to see the chapter of beginning already used such amazing  sentences.
Levi-is_bae Levi-is_bae Jun 27, 2016
*Dead from bloodloss*. X-X Don't care, got blood sucked by 4 hot guys.
RosanneOfTheDark RosanneOfTheDark Nov 16, 2016
*playing Pokémon Go on iphone, a drunk, naked Laito jumps out of a bush, your phone buzzes* A LAITO IN HIS NATURAL CONDITION HAS APPEARED, USE MACHINE-GUN,MACHINE-GUN,OR MACHINE-GUN
Lazy_Potato Lazy_Potato Jan 07
The "mysterious " book he has is probably the 50 shades of grey 😳
0_neoxx_0 0_neoxx_0 Nov 13, 2016
If by "mysterious" you mean kinky then yeah, very mysterious book😂
Life_is_the_meh Life_is_the_meh Oct 18, 2016
Because I'm am curious and curiosity killed the cat or in this case the stupid idiotic girl who thought was a good idea to go ibto the woods at night.