Percy Jackson: The wolf and the moon   (On hold)

Percy Jackson: The wolf and the moon (On hold)

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Nightmares26 By Nightmares26 Updated May 23, 2017

When Percy Jackson's half bother arrives at camp everything goes wrong for Him so he leaves. But the gods need him and is given to Artemis  But Percy has changed both mentally and physically. What will happen to the great hero if he says yes?
Does have chaos ( not chaos story)

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user55376063 user55376063 Oct 29, 2017
Did you forget Percy killed the Minotaur, Medusa, the furys, and countless other monsters
JavierAlecto1 JavierAlecto1 Aug 25, 2017
If your name is Mark or Nathan, in my mind, you're destined to be an ass hole
RNS1314 RNS1314 Dec 27, 2017
It's okay Perce, Will was always more on the doctory side of things anyways
Flamelash Flamelash Apr 14
I read a version of  this where it shows percy landing on hyperion and killing him
JellyGuerrier JellyGuerrier Jun 18, 2017
Is it bad that I'm happy that someone finally remembers blackjack?
eyesthesizeofyourmum eyesthesizeofyourmum Feb 19, 2017