Crush Imagines

Crush Imagines

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kennedy624 By kennedy624 Updated Sep 11

Simple but effective short crush imagines.

I've personally been obsessed with reading these, and since I'm taking a break from my fanfictions, for personal reasons. I thought this would be fun.

Anyway enjoy my personal fantasies and thoughts.

lilsies lilsies Jun 28
Fictional me, what's wrong with you? Telling someone to die is never a good idea.
THIS HAPPENED TO ME!!!! And i have to see him every time he comes over to my aunts house....thankfully i moved and moved on
I skipped past this, then half way through the next paragraph, I did a double take xD
tbh im more likely to tell that person to step on a lego because im bad at insults
I'm making my friend's boyfriend a girl because she's lesbian. And it's gonna be Undyne from Undertale.
anastasia_mendes_ anastasia_mendes_ 3 days ago
Yup that's what im doing every day lmao 
                              BUT IM NOT CREEPY OK? HE'S DOING IT TOO!