Crush Imagines

Crush Imagines

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kennedy624 By kennedy624 Updated Apr 16

Simple but effective short crush imagines.

I've personally been obsessed with reading these, and since I'm taking a break from my fanfictions, for personal reasons. I thought this would be fun.

Anyway enjoy my personal fantasies and thoughts.

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We used to be friends...and then 2 years ago we just stopped talking. It came to down to small talk then only greetings if we crossed ways...and now to nothing
haya4eva haya4eva Apr 14
Too bad I don’t have one of those.
                              *goes on eBay*
                              *hits order*
                              I HAVE ONE COMING IN THE MAIL 😁
I am planning to tell him on my last day of highschool as well....I sincerely hope that it does not happen to this 😭
He used to... then we went into 6th grade and now he is in a different class
haya4eva haya4eva Apr 14
Actually that’s what I say to myself but you know what Y.C.N? You should do that too.
*puts a hand on his shoulder* sorry your just “not my type”