Blind Love [OHSHC]

Blind Love [OHSHC]

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E By ItsanEchan Completed

First Place -> 2016 Summer Ouran Wattys -> Mori Category


From the moment Lena Sroah walked into Ouran Academy, it was obvious that something about her was different. With a husky by her side and a scarf around her neck, she couldn't spare the smallest glance to any of the students. 

The Host Club being the Host Club, they take it upon themselves to learn more about this reclusive transfer from Russia. As for what will come of their meddling, who knows?


Ending is currently being rewritten.

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My support dog does this! God she's a life saver! I love it when she does this!
Putting ppl in hospitals...... nice. Good girl, here's a treat *throws dog treat *
eyymacarena eyymacarena Aug 08
I guess she wants to make sure no one 'sees' right through her
Yea. I got to skip past algebra 1 because i got that credit during 8th grade. So now I have to do geometry. Ugh
The only reason why I know what purebreeds are is Harry Potter tbh 😂
I feel but the chance of detention or suspension is drastically increased by not wearing the uniform..... idk that's just my opinion