How I fooled my foolish heart

How I fooled my foolish heart

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シーラ (Shīra) By thereaper1927 Updated Sep 07, 2016

A crush

That's what I thought it was the moment my eyes landed on him.

Who'd have thought?

That on the long run...

I'd fall head over heels with him.

I saw him first.

But, he stayed with her.

I never complained.

I gave them my blessings.

I gave them a chance to be together.

Just wanted to see him happy.

Until she left.

He never have been the same ever since.

He became cold, distant, and unapproachable.

I should've known better than to pursue him.

It was my own selfishness that drove me to the corner.

To the point that...

I started to fool my foolish heart.

Emallin123 Emallin123 Nov 29, 2016
Baby that in't a crush it's...
                              (In Ichiya's meeen voice)
qwertyurififjrjrj qwertyurififjrjrj May 02, 2016
When the most Offensive thing a kid can say is I don't like you
Melody_Dragneel Melody_Dragneel Nov 27, 2016
Dang Lucy! Your 7! You shouldn't say these things l. Not at least til like, maybe 13