Saviour {#1 Saviour Trilogy}

Saviour {#1 Saviour Trilogy}

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1st book in the Saviour Trilogy



Bella Swan is no stranger when it comes to abuse. It's all she's had since her sixth birthday.

When Bella's parents die, she is left to the Blacks, who are old family friends. Soon, the family is split down the middle, and her guardians take a liking to using her as their personal slave. Bella doesn't believe she'll ever escape.

But when she's sent to Forks High, everything changes. Bella meets the all-famous Edward Cullen, and desperately wants to protect him from her world of abuse, and the Blacks. But something about him lures Bella in, and soon, she spys her chance at escape.

Caught up in the middle of abuse, protection and love, can Bella sort out her emotions before it's too late to save herself, and everyone she cares about?

  • alice
  • all-human
  • bella
  • billy
  • carlisle
  • cullen
  • denali
  • edward
  • emmett
  • esme
  • hale
  • jacob
  • jasper
  • rosalie
  • seth
  • swan
  • tanya
  • victoria
  • wattys2014
Jay_Songz99 Jay_Songz99 Jul 26, 2016
Like. This, the way that you are writing this book makes it seem as if you are writing a totally new book, and it's seems as good as classics, such as To Kill a Mockingbird, or Little Women. 
                              Keep up the good work.
CieraCulton CieraCulton May 28, 2016
Pinned but fluttering by Cassandra lowery .Whats with the similar storyline?
Missy_Hoot Missy_Hoot Jun 06, 2016
That was my movie when I was like 5 but I wasn't to fund of books back then truthfully I loathed them but now I love them, proof of how much life can change
cescii cescii Mar 14, 2016
Well done the names. First frikkin time I ever heard that one. Well done, do you want a medal?
Dreamerbell04 Dreamerbell04 Nov 24, 2015
my aunt loved that book sooooooooooooooooooooo much when she had my cousin,  she named her Matilda
JasmineBe JasmineBe Sep 06, 2014
Ohhhhhhh you meant this savior lol could've been more specific