Fairy Tail: Lucy's Brothers[NaLu FanFic]

Fairy Tail: Lucy's Brothers[NaLu FanFic]

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Aileen By aileendensen Updated Nov 02, 2015

Lucy's Father, Jude Heartilia is going to marry a rich woman who was five sons.
Lucy is being annoyed by this five boys in their own way!

Especially she has to live with Natsu Dragneel. Who was a crush on her since middle school.

How will she be able to last for a week at her stepmom's house?

Season 2: http://www.wattpad.com/story/11026649-fairy-tail-i-would-never-change-season-2-to-lucy%27s

Tiki_Wizard Tiki_Wizard May 18, 2015
I hope to the marshmallow people on Mars make it to have Gruvia as well!!!
Kezia_Morris Kezia_Morris Apr 05, 2015
I bet her brothers are natsu gray sting rogue and laxus or loke
ItsMuricaBichesUSUK ItsMuricaBichesUSUK Dec 07, 2014
Wait......... Is Natsu gonna end up being her bro? Talk about insesce
dongogirl dongogirl Jan 01, 2014
.... OMG Loke!!!!! And grey and Natsu!!!!!! And who ever the other guys where!! (I may or may not have finished fairy tail) but I love this!!!
ZebraLuver1 ZebraLuver1 Nov 03, 2013
I already love this because it reminds me of Brothers Conflict. XD
MejoyTalisayon MejoyTalisayon Oct 21, 2013
i thought it is only two or three brothers but ..WWWOOOWWW five brothers i think you can't survive because i can't survive with my brother even he is only one..... so goodluck to you lucy..!! hahaha you can survive it.!!