The Trembling Truth  (Lesbian Stories)

The Trembling Truth (Lesbian Stories)

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Amber Lee By AmberLee6 Updated Dec 23, 2016

Samantha "Sam" Owens, 27,  was what people called a nerd through high school. The popular group always picked on her. Her number one tormentor was Jessica "Jess" Baker. After graduation occurred, Sam was so ready to leave her hometown to get away from the torment that she decided to go 3000 miles away to go to school in California . As the years flew by for her she slowly threw her nerdy ways out the door. Now she sports tattoos and piercing. Her attitude goes right along with it. She decided to stay there after college. She took her degree and opened up a nightclub. That nightclub had so much business that Sam was able to open up five other nightclubs all of which were successful on their own. One particular night, Sam runs into Jess out with some friends at one of her nightclubs. Sam is stunned to see that Jess was no longer the queen bee. She actually looked like a nerd herself, even though she was still as beautiful  as she was back in high school. They both promised to meet up to catch up. Will the rivalry continue or will feelings develop that neither one of them could stop?

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Ratsche Ratsche Jul 08, 2016
Dont know when this Update was so just congratulation and i wish you a blessed and everlasting honeymoon phased marriage 😂😁😁
Poseidon_Athena_14 Poseidon_Athena_14 Feb 08, 2017
This might be the first book I read where the main character is from Georgia like me