Rejected And Abused by my best friend {Undergoing editing}

Rejected And Abused by my best friend {Undergoing editing}

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Moonmystery By MoonMayhem Completed

Under going editing so don't comment about grammar when I'm fixing a bunch of  stuff from about two years ago anywho enjoy p.s this book is cringe worthy so sorry about that but you've been warned.

I saw him stare at me in disgust and hate after I told him about what happened.
his cold 
Glare sent shivers down my spin and the pit of my stomach felt weird like something was poking the inside trying to get out I felt sick I've never seen him like this 

he's never glared at me for as long as I've known him 
Well at least not this seriously

"Get out of my sight. I hate you ... Your kind."  flinched and I felt my heart skip a beat 
Maybe I didn't hear him right." Saige now he growled"

"GET OUT!" He stood up And slammed me against the wall.
I released a painful yelp and listened as it echoed through the pack house.

"A-Ace.." I said as I tried to pull his hand away from each my neck

"Don't say my name you no longer have the right to!" He snapped at me and released me causing me to fall down.

I felt a tear run down my face but I quickly wiped it and balanced my hands so I could stand up

"Saige-" he started but was cut of as missy ran into the room slamming the door open and running To him grabbing his hand 

"Ace  I'm pregnant!..." She said her eyes tearing up.


Saige is your average teen girl except she is a werewolf  in her pack she is ignored by all except one
The alphas son.... 

The alphas son, Ace has been her only friend since she was 12 and her parents began to ignore her and the abuse started.

Saige didn't have any school friends and was often abused by boys but she always had ace there in the end.

Saiges life later turns around when two boys show up out of the blue and mysterious things happen.

Little by little she finds out about her past and also what she truly is and what she's capable of.

Ace soon after discovers her secret and begins to beat and torture her causing her to runaway

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SilveryXOXO SilveryXOXO Oct 03, 2017
Yes ace I'm okay, I just got kicked and I'm okay 🙂
                              SIKE BIOCHE 
                              I WANT YOU TO FUKKK ME JERRY FUKK ME
GKPPforever GKPPforever Apr 05
Was he really about to say the "L" word? 😏😍😘😇😄😉😊
meleenaveleenesalas meleenaveleenesalas Aug 15, 2016
Even if it's your first Story i think it Will be great... Oh and don't Sweat it... Sweat as in becoming 😅😧
unicorn_glow unicorn_glow Jun 04, 2016
Please TRY to finish your words. The story doesn't make sense otherwise.
EmbraceTheCrazy EmbraceTheCrazy Dec 26, 2015
Good luck with this being ur first story! I'm sure it'll b great!