Marrying Mr. Arrogant (TO BE PUBLISHED)

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    "Are you interested in me?" Mitsui suddenly said. 
    I stared back at him. "I am doing this, not because I like you, but because your mom asked me to marry you."
    "Alright. Then, let me just warn you. Don't ever dare fall for me," he arrogantly told me.
    "Don't worry, I never give permanent feelings to a temporary person." I sarcastically said to him, knowing that eventually our marriage will end in divorce.
I asked the author she said she might write an English version and this story is in Filipino
Yeah same. I was going to use google translate but you can't copy and paste in so I would have to type it word for word and I don't have time to do that so I'm really upset.
The trailer and the description was very good plz make it in english
I wish it was in English I can't understand this and I need to read it
huh??akala ko student siya ??anyare .d ko po msyado na gets.hehe ..peace
oh that's sad i think google translate can do magic, the story is really good.