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So, You Like Water? // Percy Jackson x Reader

So, You Like Water? // Percy Jackson x Reader

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Veronica Sawyer Tbh By thedeathlydemigods Updated Feb 18

Percy Jackson x reader. You'll see...

Cover Credit to @SpookyChristmasJim-

YouTube_Is_Life56 YouTube_Is_Life56 Oct 24, 2016
I told you Annabeth Kelp Head isn't a very good one. I was trying to be a good friend.
ArtemisOlympus ArtemisOlympus Nov 24, 2016
Godly parent is hades, but I'm a descendant of Apollo
                              I took tests and it was between the two of them,
alexxdotcom alexxdotcom Feb 13
I took a quiz and got Poseidon. Welp... This is awkward. I think I'm gonna go with Artemis... Poseidon is cool though.
LexiplierMendes LexiplierMendes Nov 03, 2016
I personally think Annabeth is an AnnaDick idk wat percy saw in that fcker
I took a quiz and got Athena, Posieden, and Aphrodite. I'm gonna go with Aphrodite lol.
I'm the actual daughter of Poseidon....Who do I pick? Maybe Hestia...yeah Hestia