Blood Fuckers {DISCONNECTED}

Blood Fuckers {DISCONNECTED}

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Sparkle Bitch By Devil_Spawn Updated Apr 02, 2016

Eren Jaeger, vampire. 

Levi Ackerman, normal sexy dude. 

When they meet, shit happens. 

Good shit? Maybe. 

Sexy shit? Definitely.

Is this Sasha... or Hanji? I reckon Hanji would be more JANSNDNDNDMDN than this but it's still a possibility right?
Me last year at school.
                              Then I got stuck with the same people.
                              Karma's a bitch.
Am I the only one who actually feel sad for them unlike the other people who are just rude and feels happy? (No offense, well....maybe.....)
I literally yelled this in class but instead of job it was school
Never talk to strangers
                              Unless they offer you candy
Honey-tama Honey-tama Feb 01, 2016
It's more like a weird cupper taste... I know this. Everytime I catch a cold, I get a nosebleed(s) at night.