Gay Is the Way [BoyxBoy]

Gay Is the Way [BoyxBoy]

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Aiden is a shy boy in high school. He is still in the closet and only his best friend Abby knows. His senior year of high school turns upside down when he encounters his tall, dark, and handsome crush, James.

What will happen when these two worlds suddenly collide. Is it just lust? Or is there true love involved?

This story does have explicit sexual scenes between guys. If you don't not wish to read it, just skip them or don't read at all. This is my first book so I hope you all enjoy. Vote and Comment. Thanks!!! And don't forget to add it to your library/reading lists.

Read and find out what happens.

This book is actually my personal story and what happened in my life. It has a few twists but it is an authentic and creative work by yours truly.

I do not own any pictures that are used in the book. They are just for visual presentation for readers and to give more of an image to everyone. I use these pictures to protect the identities of the actual people.

The cover is Shaun T and his bae Scott Blokker. I picked this picture because it shows interracial love.


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Me when am in a room full of people it's so much anxiety though
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My mom would be outside the house and i could smell food from my room
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Are you stalking me? Is that why you followed me? @ShyCub This is my life story.