Ryū no Ojyo {Akatsuki no Yona}

Ryū no Ojyo {Akatsuki no Yona}

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Liesal (lee•zuhl) By Liesal Updated Aug 20, 2017

Ryuu no Ojyo {Akatsuki no Yona}

You've heard about the Four Dragon Warriors who unified this kingdom, I presume?

Did you think that, while these strong and valiant dragons helped the Crimson Dragon King, the rest of the world and heavens would be able to live without them?

There are many, many more dragons beside these five.

The Dragon King. The ruler of all dragons. The strongest, most powerful being to ever have walked this earth as we know it. 

He has a daughter. The Dragon Princess.

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TheGirlTheyLeft TheGirlTheyLeft Oct 20, 2017
Oops nevermind...😅😅 I read it..I over think too much😅
hannahchristnia hannahchristnia Apr 24, 2017
tbh I don't really understand you , but all I know is that I should read this...
SadisticSpree SadisticSpree Feb 04, 2016
Great restart of the first chapter! I cried a bit and now my mom's looking at me weirdly...
Dragon_Princess93 Dragon_Princess93 Apr 26, 2016
This is the first time I have ever cried in a fanfictions 😭😭😭