Hetalia x Male!Readers!

Hetalia x Male!Readers!

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I don't own hetalia! no matter how much I want to....T_T

a collection of Hetalia Characters x Male!Readers! 


If anyone one snatched my sketchbook,  I would've slapped them by instinct and take it back.
...this is really weird... Especially bc like 90% of people at my school are homophobic...
at least he admits I'm pretty...so can I say that I'm hotter than him? Cause if he's harassing me then that means he can't even get a girl....
-imagines an envelope wearing a blonde wig and glasses- oh my Gog XD
Then the janitor quits he job because he is done with all this teenage PDA all over the place
"O-of course..." You said barely above a whisper. "Not" You grinned wickedly