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Beacon Hills(Sterek Fanfiction)(BxB)

Beacon Hills(Sterek Fanfiction)(BxB)

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Beacon_Author By Beacon_Author Updated Mar 22

To Stiles Stilinski, Beacon Hills was once a boring, simple town. And he was once a typical, simple seventeen year old, who couldn't wait to take the first flight out of there.
But like I said: He was once typical and simple, and so was Beacon Hills.
Until Derek Hale.
He will forever change Stiles. And maybe Derek will change how Stiles feels about Beacon Hills.
It's a long and crazy story you'd probably hear around camp fires. But this is all real and true. This is Stiles story.
Their story...
A story set in a little unnoticed town called-- you know it-- Beacon Hills.
So this is my first Sterek Fanfiction but not first Fanfiction I've wrote! I created another account so I can keep BxB writings and My other writing separate. Well enjoy this fic:) I'm super excited!!!

Important Authors Note in beginning please read!

Foreversterekwolf Foreversterekwolf Feb 27, 2016
I've just come across your story. And so far, I like it. Thanks.☺
lrimm101 lrimm101 Sep 16, 2015
Holy Jesus I love this !! Your writing skills are so good i love this so far
Beacon_Author Beacon_Author Sep 13, 2015
Thanks! I love your writing sooooooo much! So it means a lot that you say that:) @Funny_funny_funny