The Immortal Guardians (With OC)

The Immortal Guardians (With OC)

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Mary Jane By MsPenguingirl1234 Completed

Book One: After the Giant War. After a war, Percy Jackson Son of Poseidon goes missing. 
The following summer, two mysterious figures showed up  on Half-Blood Hill.

In twists and turns, the truth comes out.
The truth is, the Olympians have a secret about a select few demi-gods.

With an OC character.
I don't own Percy Jackson.
Published and Edited: December 25, 2015.

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Teamleo2017 Teamleo2017 Oct 30, 2017
Hahaha Whats with Chiron expecting hereos to be dead
                              What you expect Chiron to say: "Welcome to camp i hope you enjoy your time here"
                              What he actually says: " You should be dead"
MsPenguingirl1234 MsPenguingirl1234 Apr 22, 2016
Because, once THEY came, there was no going back... *disappears into thin air*
Taupnoe Taupnoe Nov 16, 2016
Sorry dont mean to be a party pooper, but that wasn't calm and collective.
Writer_of_Death Writer_of_Death May 28, 2016
WOAH 1,607 WORDS DUDE I THOUGHT MY 400 per chapter was a lot RESPECT
SonOfFear SonOfFear Apr 22, 2016
Leaving PIPER confused? I think every one reading this is confused. Also more people should comment on your story.