My Red Headed Girl (Remade)

My Red Headed Girl (Remade)

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Paradise Rose Jackson, a beautiful name for a beautiful girl. She's a badass with a attitude but can be a softy when it comes to the ones she loves. She has 2 sisters and 2 brothers. The oldest is Michael (21 years old), Paris being the second oldest (19 years old), Mike the middle child (18 years old),and  Blessing (Same age as Paradise which is 17 years old. Paradise being the oldest of the two). Her number one top best friend is David Alexander Johnson. There isn't anything romantic between them, right? 

Spike Alexander Johnson, a nice name for a nic person, right? WRONG. Its a nice name for a gang leader that's for sure. He's the typical 'bad boy' and only softens with family and his girl. Wait his girl? No, not his...yet. He's an older brother to his little 10 year old brother. His little brother Blake. Spike is 18 years old and keeps his gang life on the down low so not even his best friend knows. His best friend Paradise. Nothing romantic in her eyes, but diffently romance in his. 


"Why didn't you tell me?"

"Tell you what?" 

"That you are a gangleader" 

"I was afraid that you wouldn't want to even look at me if I told you"

"You thought wrong Spike. You'll always be my rock no matter what" 

"I love you Paradise" 

But does she feel the same?

geekwithamouth geekwithamouth May 02, 2016
Did you mean 9 months because six months is way too early and they probably would have died if they were born at six months.