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Where is Happily Ever After? (Lesbian Story)

Where is Happily Ever After? (Lesbian Story)

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MeNuisance By MeNuisance Completed

''What about you? What is your type a girl?'' I ask teasingly, she turns her eyes to the floor and bites down on her lip. Enough about me, it's her turn to talk. 
''Umm...'' she is thinking, hiding her gaze from me. She adds some seasoning to the food and stirs. She takes some time thinking about it. Her cheeks flush slightly and she looks adorable. I didn't think she would be embarrassed to talk about thing like that. 
''Well, she should be funny and adorable, have a light laugh, the kind that makes me laugh, too. I'd like a girl that I could just sit on a couch with and do nothing.'' She looks at me her green eyes locked on mine. She seems thoughtful and everything she said was so sweet. She must have thought about it before. I smile sweetly and a smile grosses her face, too.

fkingg fkingg Jul 23, 2016
lmao i read that as "i slipped inside behind her" like as a sexual way
                              i need sleep
wanderingsolivagant wanderingsolivagant Apr 14, 2016
Always be prepared. But I wouldn't know , since I'm always not
For those who are lost, and wants to be found:
                              Lily = ex-roommate
                              Christian = Lily's boyfriend
                              Emily's friend = Christian's friend
                              Emily's friend told Christian, then Christian told Lily, then Lily told her. BAM!
                              *I haven't read the next paragraph. I based this on this paragraph alone. 😅
Kal306 Kal306 Aug 14, 2016
If I were you I wouldn't have it all in italics. It's kind of hard to read and focus on the words when they're all italicized.
wanderingsolivagant wanderingsolivagant Apr 14, 2016
Honestly me. Not the staring part , but the part when I get caught doing something embarrassing within 5 mins of meeting someone
lilgirl124 lilgirl124 Jul 29, 2016
Damn so me I got caught starin but in just 5 secs I think or I was just starin long 😋