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Siblings (JREN + KRYBER fan fiction)

Siblings (JREN + KRYBER fan fiction)

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Just me By l00-05-18l Updated Mar 04

Ren and Amber are both twin siblings, but like their mother always said; their genes probably got mixed up because Ren is girly while Amber is boyish, and it doesn’t help much that Ren is gay and Amber is lesbian. Amber goes to an all-girls school while Ren goes to an all-boys school which is just down the road from each other. The two siblings both find someone special they have an interest in, but how will the siblings deal with their relationship with their parents wanting them to act like their own gender and the people in their school thinking they’re weird, how will these two survive their high school life?

Before reading: yes this is amber from f(x) and Ren from Nu’est but Ren and Amber and nowhere near age in real life, I just made them twins because it would make it more interesting, and I know Amber isn’t Korean but just pretend she is for this fan fiction. On top of that I’m not using Ren’s real name because since Amber has an American name it would make sense for Ren’s name to be his stage name. Also, I want to mention that in this fan fiction this is when Ren had blonde, long hair.

MarceyStarnes MarceyStarnes Oct 30, 2016
Have to admit I was confused as well lol Ren really does look like a girl, put him in drag and he is a girl
GeekyNeko GeekyNeko Dec 25, 2016
Listen Ren is girlier than you'll ever be but manlier than any man you'll ever date
nalu4life12321 nalu4life12321 Jul 02, 2016
I swear just let him be who he is don't change him because only you don't like it. I really hate people that do that
NotTodayGodImToGay NotTodayGodImToGay Oct 24, 2016
I will slap you with a fish. Then i will make you eat a cactus. Fight me.
NotTodayGodImToGay NotTodayGodImToGay Oct 24, 2016
Alright then. You wanna go. Fight me. All of you who think amber is trans and  ren is gay. Fight me. Square up.
Mizuki_Nakamura Mizuki_Nakamura Nov 09, 2016
WTAF?!! Fight me bish in one ACTION i will break your FACE and leave you SLEEP TALKING