Inevitable Change || Muke Clemmings || Complete

Inevitable Change || Muke Clemmings || Complete

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MukeSinner By MukeSinner Updated Jun 05, 2017

Michael is a hermaphrodite (he has girl parts) and Luke is punk.

(Description is in the first story part)

Cover by @pizzaheadclifford


Authors' Note:

This story is co-written with @Larry1224, so make sure to check out her profile as well (:

We will update as often as possible. There isn't really an exact update date, but chapters will be published as soon as we can write them.


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Tumblr Boy || Muke ||:

Michael Clifford is a popular Tumblr boy and Luke Hemmings is a simple teenager.

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KristaLovesJian KristaLovesJian Jun 03, 2016
I love boyxboy stories, I love 5Sos, and I love Muke. :) This sounds good so far, I'm excited. :)
michaelxmelanie michaelxmelanie Jun 03, 2016
but what i dont understand is does he also have a dick or not
doubledosage doubledosage Jun 01, 2016
When it said "talks like one", what does that mean? Does he sound like he does now or more feminine?