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Vindictive |✔️|

Vindictive |✔️|

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Green eyes By _greeneyes3_ Updated a day ago

"Pain is just another threshold. You can master your tolerance to how you desire if it is inflicted upon you enough times. I started my practice with my abusive ex-boyfriend when I was outcasted from my pack for one month as a rogue. Until a scaring battle between fire and rage took us all down- no, he, took us all down. My mate, Alpha Caide Colton of Blood Moon was supposed to be my love but now I fear secrets have their way of leaking out. 

My name is Layla Albine and if you are receiving this message, you're already too late.... 
He will torture you to no end, hide the undiscovered truth from you. He is cruelly ruthless, and absolutely, Vindictive."

Opening sentence is beautiful. Just thought I'd say that as I read on. Paints a vivid picture and captured my attention.
Ashteron Ashteron Dec 14, 2016
Anyone else here a re-reader? I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH *screams*
Oh my god, what's happening to the lady reminds me of a scene from the horror film Piranha
Eminavi Eminavi Nov 30, 2016
Wow this is brutal. I wonder if her pack did anything to them...
hipppogriff hipppogriff Feb 04
Oh my gosh! You're such a talented writer, i love how you explain ever little thing to the fullest and just wow! Keep up the good work!! ❤
VHThompson VHThompson Nov 26, 2016
Little error here! It should say "he pinned my arms above MY head" not me 😊 you can delete this comment after if you like.