Children of the Rainbow? (Child! KnB X Reader)

Children of the Rainbow? (Child! KnB X Reader)

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Fem! Japan By _sakura_honda_ Updated Apr 04


I was walking with my dog down the street when I saw a sign up near a small little building. 

Rainbow Orphanage: Adoption Day Today! Come one and all!

Those poor kids, maybe I can help one out. I smiled as I waked with my dog over to the building. I tied his leash to a tree andwalked inside. I was greeted by a smallish woman possibly in her thirties. 

"Welcome to the Rainbow Orphanage. May I help you?"

"I was hoping to adopt someone today. You see, I feel bad that they're all here without anywhere to go."

"Well I could find you someone that you'd probably love to adopt."

"That would be lovely."

"Let me go find them." The lady walked off and soon came back with six little boys. All of which had different hair colors. "This is Daiki, Ryouta, Tetsuya, Atsushi, Shintaro, and Seijuro."

"Hello boys," I said. "my name is (Y/n). Would any of you like to be adopted today?"

"I would! Look it! I caught a little lobster earlier this morning, and the only one who can catch him i...

I'm going to take my  chancla's out and hit you with it 😡😡
NHearts NHearts Dec 28, 2016
Pshhhht six is totally a legitimately reasonable number of human beings to look after  (confused yet?)
...I just noticed...the heart emojis...there colour is RED❤️, YELLOW💛 , GREEN💚, BLUE💙, and PURPLE💜 Akashi, Kise, Midorima, Aomine, and Murisabaki...wait where's Tetsu?
Animumaker Animumaker Jan 10
I have four siblings first a soon 18 year old brother then a 16 year old brother then me then a soon 11 year old sister then a 8 year old brother
- - Feb 27
Kitcc14 Kitcc14 Dec 31, 2016
*pulls hair from brush* *looks at lump of colourful hair* IT'S A RAINBOW CLOUD!!!! *runs round with sparkly eyes*