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T.M.LONA By More_Nike_ Updated Jun 09, 2017

For two years after Cassie had helped solve the case of the mysterious 'Rose Killer,' all was well in her life.
She got her friends back, and things went back into place, just as they used to be. 
She's  studying criminology in the University, and she finally feels like nothing can ever go wrong in her life again... Or so she thinks.

Another mystery comes knocking at her door, one she hoped would never visit, one she feared for a long time, one that tormented her, but most of all, one she's too weak to resist. 

She receives an image, one of her and her childhood best friend , Avril, who had been mysteriously and brutally murdered when they were kids. She knows there's a reason why someone sent her that image, someone is trying to tell her something, or maybe even threaten her.

Her obsession returns in full force, and she wouldn't rest until she uncovers the mystery behind Avril's murder.

  • avril
  • crime
  • deception
  • detective
  • drama
  • mystery
  • questions
  • romance
  • sequel
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Emmlynn153525 Emmlynn153525 Oct 09, 2017
I thought Matt died in last book... Am I just crazy? I thought Matt died in an car accident???😑
Bennett1209 Bennett1209 Dec 22, 2017
Why wouldn’t she show the group? She had already told them about Avril.
asianiyuannahill asianiyuannahill Dec 31, 2016
The story started off great, keep up the amazing work 🤗🙌🙏🙌🙏🙌🙏
s0mebody_13 s0mebody_13 Jun 03, 2016
..,it'been a while since i last opened my wattpad, been on a training for work for a couple of months & was so happy to know that you had the avril's story..!!!
PennyZee PennyZee Aug 14, 2016
I can see why Cassie is spooked. Whoever sent that picture knows of Cassie's connection to Avril, and has followed Cassie for perhaps years.
s0mebody_13 s0mebody_13 Jun 03, 2016
i just realized that it's half a year  that i was not able to read books & this news of avril's case sequel was so exciting., i know this story is good just like the other stories that you wrote..,!