Daylight ∘ Remus Lupin [ON HOLD]

Daylight ∘ Remus Lupin [ON HOLD]

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zelda By acosmic Updated Dec 14, 2015

❝Welcome was the daylight, found where I was hiding.
          Fought the dark residing there.❞

In which she is the sun and he hates the moon. 

∘ [Marauders Era]
∘ [Remus Lupin/OC]
∘ [DISCLAIMER; all rights reserved to J. K. Rowling, I do not own anything related to the Harry Potter universe. I only own Dahlia Chambers]

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XxLiving_in_DeathxX XxLiving_in_DeathxX May 20, 2016
He's so lucky it wasn't me. As soon as he's touched me I'd have whirled around and judo flipped him to the ground before you could say "GWEN!"
officialEmArre officialEmArre Jun 09, 2016
They call him MOONy cause he really works at night (suggestively wiggles eyebrows)
beautifulrenegade00 beautifulrenegade00 Jun 01, 2016
Andrew Garfield will forever be my young Remus and I just can't picture him with any girl who isn't Emma
geek_nerd84 geek_nerd84 Feb 05, 2017
I've always loved the fact that he play James potter. Even so as 
                              Dylan O'brien-James sirius Potter and
                              Logan Lerman-Albus Potter
Smartiepants217 Smartiepants217 Mar 12, 2016
This is soooo my puppy. It isn't even in a ponytail! He just sticks his face in eat and tries to eat it! He's so weird sometimes...
XxLiving_in_DeathxX XxLiving_in_DeathxX May 20, 2016
She is me. (Emma Stone is me. Gwen Stacy is me. Dahlia Chambers is me. Man, I'm awesome.)