Nothing Lasts Forever (Kendall Jenner Fan-Fiction) Book I

Nothing Lasts Forever (Kendall Jenner Fan-Fiction) Book I

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This book contains strong words and is not for kids under twelve years. Just kidding, no, seriously if you are under twelve then go outside and play ball instead of sitting there with your golden iPhone 6s+ or Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ or get some proper clothes. With proper clothes I don't mean jeans and shirts that are tight as shit and squeeze your not existing ass and boobies. AND PUT THAT GODAMN MAKE-UP OFF FOR FUCKS SAKE.
If none of these points describe yourself, you're doing it right. And to those super smart people that was full sarcasm and if you don't get sarcasm you shouldn't read the book.

Hi, just read the fucking book. Thank you and I love you.

panda_express_420 panda_express_420 Jun 08, 2016
Omfg first of all how did you know I was 12? Second, how did you know I had a Samsung Galaxy s6 edge+
FanGirlingWayTooHard FanGirlingWayTooHard Nov 17, 2016
That's my name! Wait. I'm reading as a guy, but I'm a chick. Eh whatever