Destined To be Yours...

Destined To be Yours...

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Zeba Ali By Zernain Completed

"Sorry I can't marry you ", she said.

He looked at her in shock. She had proved that their love was just a false belief. 

" I am sorry. You can't.. ", she was cut off by him. 

" GO AWAY! JUST GO AWAY! ",he yelled on top of his lungs. 


Join 21 year old Shafaq Aziz and 24 year old Zaid Hussein in their journey of fun, friendship and trust. 

Shafaq is silent and serene whereas Zaid is full of hustle. 

And there are many more layers of secrets yet to be unfold. 

Find out in Destined To be Yours!

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I guess our current writer also felt little awkward while she italicized the word... Bhai...right  Writer??.😁😀
Aisha0078 Aisha0078 Mar 05, 2017
Wow she explained him so well 😉
                              He really listens to her 😀❤️
Aisha0078 Aisha0078 Mar 05, 2017
The word bhai is not irritating me lol 
                              Why she is calling him bhai..hmm...let me read further lol😂😂
Aisha0078 Aisha0078 Mar 05, 2017
Oh no this bhai is annoying 😀
                              I wish this word gets away from his name soon lol😂
ssha1kh ssha1kh Mar 28, 2016
What's wrong with Zaid., he is so mean though loved Shafaq's reply .
Izzahwaqas1 Izzahwaqas1 Jan 17, 2016
I dont like reading stories, but this one is way above those ❤