Konoha's Weak

Konoha's Weak

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Weak.... Is that what you want to be called all your life?

Sakura, Ino, Hinata, Tenten and Temari have left their village to train together and get stronger.
Being called weak isn't what they wanted.
When they leave their village, they meet the last relative of Sakura and the akatsuki.


Three years have passed and they have become missing ninjas.
The girls have become missing ninjas now.
What will happen when they meet up with old friends?
Will they be called weak again?
Or will things change....?

I don't own Naruto

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Darling_Onigiri Darling_Onigiri Jun 21, 2017
2 feet? Wow Karin I'm afraid of heights but I can at least be 8 feet up before I get scared
IICoSmIcII IICoSmIcII Apr 07, 2017
Bitch that's why ur hairline is non-existent and ur eyebrows look like V's *successfully hair flips*
SakuraHairi SakuraHairi Nov 12, 2017
Try blowing wind like temari
                              Try comtrolling minds like ino
                              Try braking the floor like sakura
                              Try mastering gentle fist twin lion fist like hinata
                              Try throwing weapons like tenten
                              I made my case
yureli_1322 yureli_1322 Nov 08, 2016
Omh I dint know why I'm laughing so much Shikamauru povs "suspicious" XD he only says one single word
MissMurderz MissMurderz Jan 14, 2017
Aaaaand here we go with the Karin bashing... I have nothing against these types of books, really I don't. It's just, why can't people find someone else to play the bad guy? It's getting old
BeholdItsMe BeholdItsMe Nov 27, 2016
Seriously, ONLY two feet and you scream. Wow, you're such a loser