yui's little sister(diabolik lover)

yui's little sister(diabolik lover)

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may bates By megan_sofia1278 Updated Dec 28, 2015

Hey guys 2 story i have made. hope you like it the only charter i own is mia and thats is it. Sorry for the mistakes in the story and the spelling. HOPE u like it 
Name: mia komori 


Eye color:light blue

Hair color:blond

Hair leanth:to her stomach

How she acts:is a badass,trouble maker

Likes:music, her sister yui,sleeping,video games, blue,and black

Dis-like: dresses,skrit,pervouts,girls who has to muck make up on there face,bright color

Wears:blue headphones, a black crop top reach above her belly button, dark blue skinny jeans

Breast zise:D

Race: 50% human. and secert
I am not doing yui ok but her breast zise is B and she is way differnt from mia

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HFTYU15 HFTYU15 Apr 10, 2017
This is in serious need of editing, not to mention some OOC is in there to.
KarinJackson6 KarinJackson6 Jul 15, 2017
The story is cool but the writing style is bad. You gotta make the writing style good or it won't attract people need some serious editting though the story is good.
Grrr21365 Grrr21365 Jan 08
Is it just me or is yui an goodie tissues and wants attention all the time kinda like a cat...but I love cats and dislike yui
Are we gonna act like the police told her two blocks away when she never gave her address 🤷
MarshmallowSubaru MarshmallowSubaru Mar 12, 2017
I don't want a chest. I would rather be a chichinaishi. 
                              Ayato: but I love your melons
                              Me: I know, but don't forget that you have a pervert brother
                              Ayato: *kisses Hijira-Chan*
                              Author-sama: Hey! I'm trying to tell a story here!
kpopanimeL kpopanimeL Mar 26
But I don't have a sister I have an annoying older bro that I hate