Whiteout: Three's Allowed #1 (Completed)

Whiteout: Three's Allowed #1 (Completed)

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Laura Harner By LauraHarner Completed

With the weather forecast predicting the biggest snow storm in decades, Christina Thomas decides it's time to fight off her embarrassment and take matters into her own hands. This storm is the perfect opportunity to try a few items from the adult bookstore and see if they can keep her nice and warm. Cade McMartin always notices the woman he's secretly loved since they were both in second grade. When he spies her in an adult bookstore, Cade waits until she leaves to wander over to see what caught her eye. The display is all he could have hoped for, and more. With the graphic image all but seared into his brain, Cade makes a few purchases of his own and hurries home to tell his best friend about his plan.

Carter Montgomery has a problem. He's suddenly very attracted to Cade, his life-long best friend, law partner, and roommate. He just can't figure out what to do with those desires, since they're both fully functional hetero males. He's convinced it's time to find a place of his own, and put a little space between them so they can both get on with having normal lives. Carter fears the worst when Cade comes home unexpectedly and realizes the boner Carter's hiding is all for him. Instead of starting a fight, Cade sweeps his best friend along into a crazy plan to spend the winter storm making everyone's hottest fantasies come true.

You know what they say...it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Is this just a hot weekend fantasy? Or will they find the courage to create their own world? A world where Three's Allowed...


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Lore507 Lore507 Jun 13, 2017
Lol. Not the reaction I was expecting. Such a good friend. 😋😉
LilacWhimsy LilacWhimsy Feb 12
Omg yesss I hope this is a mfm book where the guys are also into eachother. It's so hot when two guys are into a girl and also eachother...
I'm missing chapters. Why is that and what can I do to read them?
angelirn angelirn Apr 19
That's it? I wish I could react so simply like that! 😂😂😂
Shaq71 Shaq71 Mar 07, 2016
loved all books in three is allowed series...mm absolutely beautiful
nobodytopsmyweird nobodytopsmyweird Jul 16, 2016
Coming straight from WSR and I noticed Cade and Carter right away. My suspicions were confirmed when he said he was an attorney.