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Levi x Grim Reaper Reader

Levi x Grim Reaper Reader

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amberwolf89 By amberwolf89 Completed

____________Your POV____________
You heaved out a long sigh, as you stared at the battle before you.
'The battle for Trost is very gruesome, to bad I have a job to do.' You think as you make your way towards the next corpse, you carefully extract his soul, and have him move onto the next world.
'Onto the next one." You think as you lazily walk on a roof to the next your victim.
You were walking by on a nearby roof, when you pass a man that was at his end.
There was a raven haired man, a strawberry blond haired girl, and a blond haired man standing next to the body.
You heaved another sigh.
"Great more work." You mutter as you jump off the roof, floating down to the man.
___________Levi's POV____________
I was staring at the soldier before me.
"Do you think he heard me?" I asked Petra.
"Of course, look how peaceful his expression is." Petra said reassuringly.
I saw Erwin walk up, and began to talk about retreating, I was about to argue, but a voice stops me.
"Great, more work."
We all t...

CreepyLovez CreepyLovez Jul 04
My sister ordered a burger called the Marco Polo and I said y would u only want half a burger...I got slapped ;^;
destinumusic destinumusic Nov 09, 2016
I'm just going to e in enter the meeting like. 
comics_and_fandoms comics_and_fandoms Jun 16, 2016
I was going to tell a Marco joke, but I only remember half of it.
Lazy_As_Possible Lazy_As_Possible Oct 07, 2016
"In the middle of the court hearing for eren yeager, cant wait for my big entrance" *reads*  *In my mind*:
                              *Reader burst into wherever they are and said* IM FABULOUUUUUS!!!
AnimeYatoGuru AnimeYatoGuru Jul 23, 2016
I better be a grim reaper like William t spears or Ronald ... a slim chance of grell
JessieYT JessieYT Oct 31, 2016
People realize all the Marco jokes are stupid, yes half of his face was bitten but only 1/3 of his body was bitten so ruined