His Submission Their Love (#Wattys2016)

His Submission Their Love (#Wattys2016)

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Alphasub1987 By Alphasub1987 Updated Oct 21

Warning: Mature Content

Man submits to Mistress and finds perfection. 

He is extremely shy and there is a reason that haunts him almost every time he closes his eyes. 

He is a submissive and after several failed attempts to live out his fantasy, he gets what he thinks will be his last attempt. If this one doesn't work well, he is sure he will never try again. He will live a life of loneliness. 

What he finds is what will define his recovery and turns into something he will see is greatness and exactly what he needed all his life.

Credit: cover by @QueenDragneel00

Good storyline so far but in this very short chapter, you have 27 exclamation points.
It seems like a good idea but you don't need ! After every sentence