His Submission Their Love

His Submission Their Love

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Alphasub1987 By Alphasub1987 Updated Oct 21, 2016

Warning: Mature Content

Man submits to Mistress and finds perfection. 

He is extremely shy and there is a reason that haunts him almost every time he closes his eyes. 

He is a submissive and after several failed attempts to live out his fantasy, he gets what he thinks will be his last attempt. If this one doesn't work well, he is sure he will never try again. He will live a life of loneliness. 

What he finds is what will define his recovery and turns into something he will see is greatness and exactly what he needed all his life.

Credit: cover by @QueenDragneel00

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dlmcdowell dlmcdowell Apr 23, 2017
No offense but, haven't you ever heard of periods. Or any other punctuation mark
boss_lady06 boss_lady06 May 07, 2017
Damn! That's how you starting off? I already know this is about to get good! WHERE THE POPCORN AT!?
IheartX0X0 IheartX0X0 Jun 04, 2017
I have to admit these exclamation marks are a little annoying
Unconditionally1998 Unconditionally1998 Aug 30, 2017
Frist of all I want to thank you for making this story to have lots of chapter. I haven't began but I'm sure that I am going to like it. Your effort is greatly appreciated
CrimsonEyedSinner CrimsonEyedSinner Jul 04, 2017
The start to this book is super good but I don't think there should be this many exclamation points. Just a hint.
boss_lady06 boss_lady06 May 07, 2017
People don't understand... He excited that's why they're so many exclamation marks!