SkooL Luv Affair (Jimin Smut)

SkooL Luv Affair (Jimin Smut)

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-in a gang called BTS 
-schools bad boy
-likes to mess around with you a lot
-Class A 

-Your pov
-Jimin likes to play with you
-schools nerd
-schools basically punching bag
-Class AA
-Baehyun is your brothers best friend, your enemy.

-Leader of BTS
-Your Best friend
-always tells BTS to stop messing around with you
-really likes you
-Class AA

-Maknae of BTS
-Your older brother
-hates you
-Class AA

-your alien 
-loves you
-not happy that your brother hates you
-Baehyun Enemy
-Class AA

Rest of BTS


-Kungsoo (D.O)

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-chaeturtle -chaeturtle Jul 28, 2017
Where is:
                              -No height
                              -Smol chili pepper
                              -Smol handseu
                              ?! XD
Oppayoucaneatme Oppayoucaneatme Apr 11, 2017
Yay! My name is hana too! And Namjoon like me too😂😂🔫
HeidiLopez011 HeidiLopez011 Jul 02, 2017
You hate me? Haha nobody can hate me
                              *background somebody sings why you always liein*
                              Um.... Ok a lot of people hate meh -_- happy now
-chaeturtle -chaeturtle Jul 28, 2017
Tf i was like: BACON NU! Y R U MA ENEMY!?! ㅠㅠ then i reread it and saw that it isnt bacon 😂😂😂
asyilla__ asyilla__ Dec 30, 2016
Okay it's a good news since his my brother , but fck he hates me
trashyjae trashyjae Dec 17, 2016
I swear i read that as baekhyun I CAME FOR BTS NOT EXO PEOPLE