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"Leave me the fuck alone!" I yelled at Drake. 

"Sorry muffin, not this time, now get the fuck over here sit on my lap and tell me what's wrong." He told me with a dark look in his eyes, while grabbing onto my hips roughly. 

I felt my nose flare and I did the only thing I was taught to do, I elbowed him in his stomach. He doubled over not expecting me to hit him. 

"Try and catch me now jackass!" I yelled while running away. 

Drake Anderson: He's 19 and that typical bad boy with a past, but the deeper you go and the more you find out. He party's, gets drunk, and he's involved with something that is not good for anyone. He is not the person to be around and no one can get close to him, not even his friends. 

Winter Morgan: She's 17, and she's known for a lot of things, but she is most definitely not known for being weak. She's abused, yet she stays strong and doesn't complain. She has a dark past, and you could say she's a bit psychotic. She's involved with a gang that her best friends run, but she's about to take that position. 

The only thing they've both known is darkness, but not even darkness can defeat the light in their spark.

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my class would be yelling OHHHHH ecen the teacher would join
Bitch please you know what you deserve my f****** middle finger
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I already like this, although I really hate her mum she's a bitch
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Honestly this is not something that a person would I can come up with a better way to write this note
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They still sell TDG shirts? And if so where cuz I've been wanting to get one for a long time now