Love At First Bite  {Kaneki x Reader}

Love At First Bite {Kaneki x Reader}

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Natsu Dragneel's Mate By Phantomhive_Butler Updated Oct 31, 2017

You were a human. He was part ghoul. 
You were weak. He was powerful. 
You were attacked. He saved you.
He was desperate.... You were his meal. 


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AlexzaBernandez AlexzaBernandez Sep 13, 2017
Glad you credited the artist, most of the time people don't consider how much time one would take to make a piece. As an artist, I can tell you how much it is appreciated, even if the picture is not of my own work.
                              (lol I'm talking so formally yet I'm not even a teen yet)
tqeste tqeste Apr 01, 2018
Umm.. is someone thinking what im thinking?
                              Youre his meal.. ;))))))))))) [insert lenny face]
HentaiSasaki HentaiSasaki Apr 14, 2018
*wiggles le fabulous eyebrows* I sEE chU kAnEki
                              yOu cAn EAT mE anYtiMe bBy;3
novakid_ novakid_ Jun 09, 2017
I'm so flipping happy some people credit the original artist for book covers to
kanamih_hatashi kanamih_hatashi Nov 25, 2018
I mean I'm uhmmmt this makes sense (i....uhh think)
kanamih_hatashi kanamih_hatashi Nov 25, 2018
You can eat me anywhere,anytime as long as it's you kaneki 😹😹(why iam I such a perv I'm thinking of something else😹😹😹😹)