Love At First Bite  {Kaneki x Reader}

Love At First Bite {Kaneki x Reader}

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Natsu Dragneel's Mate By Phantomhive_Butler Updated Oct 31, 2017

You were a human. He was part ghoul. 
You were weak. He was powerful. 
You were attacked. He saved you.
He was desperate.... You were his meal. 


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AlexzaBernandez AlexzaBernandez Sep 13, 2017
Glad you credited the artist, most of the time people don't consider how much time one would take to make a piece. As an artist, I can tell you how much it is appreciated, even if the picture is not of my own work.
                              (lol I'm talking so formally yet I'm not even a teen yet)
BioTechGirl3 BioTechGirl3 Dec 04, 2017
Yup, kaneki is cute he has black hair,then he has white hair he looks hot,then he has black and white hair and he is super cute and hot
ThatOneIdiotUser ThatOneIdiotUser Dec 07, 2017
Wow Kaneki likes the smell of new phone cases?
                              I no lie buy myself a new phone case every even...
xo-miaaaaa xo-miaaaaa Aug 15, 2017
I'm Smith, Alice Smith and I'm cheating on Erwin and Levi as I read this fanfic
Kitty1304 Kitty1304 Nov 05, 2017
I said something similar to my friend at school. One of my friends was annoying him and he was messing with her and talking back to her so I said: "Lance, we get that you have sexual frustrations, but save it for home please."
DarkJuDaddy DarkJuDaddy Aug 25, 2017
good job kaneki, just leave work with a girl when you mess up