Love At First Bite  {Kaneki x Reader}

Love At First Bite {Kaneki x Reader}

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Natsu Dragneel's Mate By Phantomhive_Butler Updated May 10

You were a human. He was part ghoul. 
You were weak. He was powerful. 
You were attacked. He saved you.
He was desperate.... You were his meal. 


EeveeJenn EeveeJenn Jun 12
At school.. my nickname is Sugar.. so Kaneki will be my Cinnamon.
PGLovely PGLovely May 11
Bruh I'm vegetarian soooooo..... Imma take the toast but not the turkey
EeveeJenn EeveeJenn Jun 12
I am fangirling over here.. help me. My sis thinks I am an idiot...............
PGLovely PGLovely May 11
I'm sorry but I have to. My  name is 
                              JOHN CEENA!!! DU DU DU!!!
BeanKarma BeanKarma May 28
Oh no Looks like poor cinnamon roll isn't so innocent huh 😂😂
PGLovely PGLovely May 11
So kaneki is likes the smell of anxiety sweat, Cat, cringy deodorant and being disapointment to everyone?