Daddy's Little Girl (Koli)

Daddy's Little Girl (Koli)

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Kellin Quinn was just an ordinary collage kid struggling to pay for school until a business man, Oliver Sykes introduced him to the BDSM world. 

Oliver doesn't want just any submissive, but a little girl. 

[This book will contain dd/lg, tons of gay smut and cross dressing so read at your own risk]

21CliffordCrybabys 21CliffordCrybabys Dec 10, 2016
As a spn fan I have to say I can't read "family business" anymore without getting emotional
bRinGmEtHEtAMp0nS bRinGmEtHEtAMp0nS Jul 12, 2016
Ive actually never read a KellinxOliver before and didn't even know they existed so YAY
- - Dec 22, 2016
I love hannah and I'm so fûcking sad that they got a divorce
fairlyspooky fairlyspooky Aug 17, 2016
just hot? he's as if Satan created him and threw him onto earth like d.ick me down daddy
flutterpiesparkle42 flutterpiesparkle42 Jul 14, 2016
Hey hey! The darling thing is Vic's thing 
                              Stick with the oh he love
- - Dec 22, 2016
I don't even like koli but I have a strange desire to read this