Black with a Hint of Silver

Black with a Hint of Silver

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One girl
One secret
One lie
One brother
One family
One chance
One crush

Ninjago takes a deeper turn into a heartfelt journey of a left out teen.
Everyone needs family to survive, let's see how this goes...

BTW: This takes place before Nya becomes a ninja. So probably directly after season two and before season 3. Lloyd is still known as the green ninja though. And maturity wise for the ninja, it's season 5. If you have any questions, please ask. Suggestions are also appreciated.

gift4realz gift4realz Mar 23
Erm......ok den......
                              *teleport into book and slaps Cole after flipping him the pinky*
Well Cole was the leader then Lloyd came than the kinda worked together then Lloyd became leader in season 7
*pops out of bushes*
                              Me: YEA COLE WTF MAN?!
                              Cole: who da fuq are you?
TheKingOfDrakeKins TheKingOfDrakeKins Mar 03, 2016
I would have said worse that just that. Though I would not curse.
Blue_IsLife Blue_IsLife Jun 21, 2016
Ha I said the same thing but I said. "Hurt my brother and I hurt you." Because someone called  my brother a fat pig
CrystalLupin CrystalLupin Feb 22, 2016
I feel bad now 😨 I passed over one of ur books before not thinking it would be good 😓 BIG mistake this is awesome so far 😄 can't wait to continue reading!