The Rules of Dance | f.t

The Rules of Dance | f.t

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w e n d y By XxTrustMeNotxX Updated Jan 22, 2018

❝ she's always heard the saying 'dance like no one is watching'. except, as she stands on the stage, she knows everyone is watching. and she, most certainly, isn't dancing . ❞

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In which a couple of teens get accepted into a performing arts school on accident and they're in for the strangest ride of their lives

d i s c l a i m e r : 

Hiro Mashima owns all characters

also, this is rlly old, my writing has improved tremendously from the first cringy chapters lol

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Grrr21365 Grrr21365 Feb 11, 2018
Lmao please in the video called I don't wanna live forever Zanes voice is higher than my grades
elizajulille elizajulille Aug 08, 2017
Oh okay, I that I was going crazy for a moment, so she knows she's failing too that's good.
                              Wait then why did she get the letter still?!?!?
Shan_Valeska Shan_Valeska Jun 17, 2017
Well then soooo will Mira Gajeel jellal natsu and gray be there tho!!
DjSparkle DjSparkle Apr 23, 2017
Shan_Valeska Shan_Valeska Jun 17, 2017
Victorious? And will gray natsu erza juvia and Mira be there? 😁😁
FlowerPersephoneKore FlowerPersephoneKore Feb 09, 2018
That feeling is called "LISTEN TO YOUR GODDAMN GUT" its a feeling we all get