Kik ✧ Muke

Kik ✧ Muke

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Where Luke is a famous punk-pop (or pop-punk) singer and talks to random people on Kik and Michael has tons of internet friends and likes talking to King L.

✶ Basically A Spin-Off Of "Wrong Number, Dude"


✦ Completed

Tots should be more of an appreciated food, no one in my family eats them but me
oh and off topic but at debate practice yesterday a girl dabbed and my friend actually cried she cringed so hard
yolekxoxo yolekxoxo Aug 20
lucas if you want to top then dont do stuff like that people with a small d mostly say stuff like that to make people think they have a big d
Oh god I tried to type "lmao hemmonster" but it autocorrected to Hemmo96 😭😭😭😭