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In the Celtic tribal village of Drumcliffe, a crisis is brewing. Strange foreigners have entered the land, and threaten ancient borders. Tara, the chieftain's heir, realizes the dire state of their troubles, and that they have only just begun.

Their solution lies in her hands.

But with prophecies predicting her doom and loyalties in question, Tara will have to make a ground-shaking decision that may risk the lives of all.
What people are saying about Exodus:

"Very interesting. I was entertained from start to finish." - Carikavanlog

"The descriptions made me feel as if I was there." - Bluelipstick12

"...well written and left me wanting to find out more." - Press_the_Button

"Your writing is getting really, really good! Like published-book good! I hope you do well :)" - amzzz18

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