i had sex with my best friends boyfriend

i had sex with my best friends boyfriend

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devilswithwings By devilswithwings Updated Dec 19, 2017

So today I am going out with my friend Jessie who is bringing her boyfriend along .Jase. 
He is team captain of the soccer team.

So today I put on my tight shorts with flowers on. Which outlined my bum perfect and a white crop which made my breast look great.

I applied all my make up to my facae, grab my phone and head down to Jessie's house.

I knock on the door and they didn't aspnswer lucky enough I had a key. I had a key because for a while before I got my own house I lived with her.

I opened the door, I'm not surprised. I'm looking at Ease just in his boxers and Jessie in her bra and underwear. Cloths thrown in a pile on the floor.

Jessie is grinding on Jase and kissing him all up his kneck. Leaving love bites

I walk into the kitchen to see a few smashed things. I think to my selkf they must of started making out here and didn't end upstairs.

I walk into the front room with a glass of water, they were having like a serious make out session. They don't even notice me, I walk ...

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drakospance drakospance Jun 07, 2018
Pomision.enventured.if the smut sucks then theres no reason for this story to still be here