"She's My Kitten" (LEVI X READER LEMON)

"She's My Kitten" (LEVI X READER LEMON)

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Kira By KiraSilverstrike Updated Dec 16, 2016

10 percent of the human population can shape-shift into cats. If you carry the luck of the gods then you may shift into a lion, tiger or panther etc. However, the average shape-shifter only turns into regular cats like you. 

Your a shifted because of your father's genes and what's worse is that you can barely control sprouting your ears and tail. 

On one unlucky day you were caught shifting by your history teacher. Later you find out that the only way to control your shifting is by pleasing your body's desire for sexual-intercourse, though you yourself may be against it.


I do not own any Attack On Titan characters introduced. Credit to the Yaoi manga I read Kuroneko Kareshi No Asobikata.

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Alice_loveschuuuu Alice_loveschuuuu Jul 31, 2017
Imma be like "ya'll peasants bow to yo' neko queen ! Bitches"
Loki_GodofMischeif Loki_GodofMischeif Mar 07, 2016
Omg I'm listening to music and tonight(I'm f**kin' you) started playing.
aniease aniease Mar 02, 2016
man the first part was hella relatable but this one is like if I were a neko I would be like "hell yea bitches I'ma cat!!"
PotterHeadHeadPotter PotterHeadHeadPotter Apr 17, 2016
Annnnnnnd this is where I leave as I am strongly against this
-xGone -xGone Mar 29, 2016
He is  not a pedo if we was 13 or younger than he would be :l