Teachers Mate 2: New Lessons-Sequel to Teachers Mate

Teachers Mate 2: New Lessons-Sequel to Teachers Mate

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Alicia By daff123 Completed

Sequel to to Teacher's Mate 1. Cameron and Rosalyn Sorice continue their strong, passionate love story. A powerful, supernatual love bond that can't be replicated. With new threats that may not only affect their pack and allied new coven created non-other than their friend Lestat, they team together to fight the biggest, most powerful leader that could not only take them but the kingdom of werewolves, witches and vampires combined.

A Heated supernatural love story.........

Rated R Novel~ Not for young readers!!! STRONG SEXUAL CONTENT and LANGUAGE this Novel will be getting edited as the first book is as well, i don't want to deal with having the same issue as the first one.

LionessGoddess LionessGoddess May 12, 2016
Is it selfish of me that I kinda still wanted Lestst to be in love with Rose
ReniitaWare ReniitaWare Jun 20, 2016
Wow I love this book also your a great author testate needed a mate/chosen
JessikaRabbyt JessikaRabbyt Jun 27, 2015
I love it already. I like how it takes place right after the first book. That rarely happens. Usually months or years have passed with sequels. I'm so happy that Lestat has finally gotten a chosen. After two loss loves, he deserves it. Great pick for her character too. I hope Gavin finds a mate too!
JessikaRabbyt JessikaRabbyt Jun 26, 2015
LMAO! Rose trippin'! I think it's sweet that he wants to wait on his mate.
JessikaRabbyt JessikaRabbyt Jun 26, 2015
Yay! I'm so happy! Lestat has a chosen or whatever vampires call their mates. LOL!
KeyelaJean KeyelaJean Mar 17, 2014
I'm Really Into Vampire Stories So I Know For Sure That I'll Enjoy Your Chapter For Sure. ☺️