Can you trust me? Vkook FANFICTION

Can you trust me? Vkook FANFICTION

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Jungkook, V, Jimin and J-hope are childhood friends. Through happy and difficult times - they have always been together, supporting each other.

Until... a sudden event disturbs the group's atmosphere. What will happen now? And Jungkook keeps hearing these thoughts inside of his head that aren't his everytime he's with other people, almost as if he could read their minds...

Please note: It is actually quite dark?

Ships appearing in the story:

Currently editing: Spelling errors. May go back and fix/adjust expressions eventually. That being said, don't be surprised if i suddenly can't spell certain words.

                              Park Jimin is anything but shy and innocent. He's quiet BUT NOT SHY AND INNOCENT XD *INSERTS GIF OF JIMIN BODY ROLLING*
taesick taesick Feb 21
how did u made the book cover its really cool esp the circle thing
quila_1008 quila_1008 Feb 14
He should have his pizza.... I mean like pizza I lyfe...!!!  ❤️❤️🍕🍕🍕
Well that's just dope, get it, get what I did there😂😂omg I'm so funny uk dope their song omg loool I'm funny ,k nvm let's continue this shiz cause I'm in blood sweat and tear , omg loool get it😂😂😭😭😑
This is really good,I love it .wow fans can really think up a story. Honestly I'm just thinking of marriage and babies for vkook yet you went to this extent , cool!😊
And taehyung would have been called rex so their ship name wouldve been sex