Wisp of Destiny (Lesbian Story)

Wisp of Destiny (Lesbian Story)

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starsarefire By starsarefire Updated Apr 05

Aaralyn Hobbs is closed herself off to bond that touch her heart―set against the domain of blades and rocks.

Her astonishing persistence for knowledge, groundbreaking researches and sharp insights on unbridled virtuosity are round the clock, the way she always understand it.

But, somehow through plain or luck her unlikely friendship with Itzel Shelton creates an invisible tie that tight spot and entangle the forever change on how she sees the world.

CJadeNuc CJadeNuc Apr 26
Wait... how was Alyn know Zel's actual name? Is there a list of all the students on the mobile or something?
I appreciate the amount of detail you put into it it helps make the book become real for me
Melilidis Melilidis May 30
This is a brilliant opening, so full of richness that I've never really seen before on this site- or even some published books for that matter
strix04 strix04 Dec 06, 2016
And I am having perverted thoughts of BDSM within this paragraph.
CJadeNuc CJadeNuc Aug 14, 2016
Here's the problem with amazing writers... They make their readers google the words they use to make the story better
strix04 strix04 Dec 06, 2016
And its not too feminine contrary to her  character description.