Descent into Darkness (Book three)

Descent into Darkness (Book three)

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Elena and Alex Gilbert had lived after the Sun and Moon Sacrifice. Lived through Elijah and through Katherine and through Klaus--at least Elena had. Alex is a full-fledged vampire now, and Damon Salvatore has been helping her with her transition, like his brother Stefan had promised to do the second she'd turned. But with Stefan gone, with Klaus, after saving his brother, things got . . complicated. Elena kissed Damon, Damon kissed Alex. There's one more vampire in Mystic Falls, along with Damon and Caroline Forbes--for the time being--the werewolf, her ex, Tyler Lockwood, and the witch, Bonnie Bennett.

But things are looming over Elena and Alex once Klaus and Stefan get back to town after a summer of looking for them . . . Stefan's compelled to a full-blown Ripper to keep them safe, and Alex's will gets taken away from her to make sure nothing is changed. And Alex gets very close to the edge. 

And will's taken and Elena and Damon straying away from Stefan and Alex aren't the only problems. 

The Petrova Curse has all the answers, and it's not only the Gilbert Girls or the Salvatore Brothers in pain and misery and maybe a little danger. 

If they only knew what it costs to be in a Petrova's life.

Sometimes dying isn't the worst thing that could happen.

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