It's Callie (OHSHC)

It's Callie (OHSHC)

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A. J. Cuff By Absolutely_Positive Completed

[COMPLETED ↓ June 12, 2016]

   Love comes in many packages; Callie's just comes in the form of hair extensions and lip gloss. 

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Connor Seville isn't like other boys his age. 

Gifted with a pretty face, he was the center of attention - for bullies. In Japan it's the same - but now it's criminals. 

After joining the Foreign Exchange Program from his school, Connor is sent on a journey to Japan. He's pulled aside by a model's manager and asked to make a choice - act as a double for famous Chou Tanaki, or be used as a pin cushion for pocket knives.

Join Connor during his obstacles of trying to protect his family, friends, and juggling his double lives. 

Sometimes the best way to survive is to keep your pretty mouth shut.

•  •  •

"I never thought it would have turned out this way," I murmured softly in his ear. He chuckled, his breath caressing my face. 

"Me neither. But I'm not so sure I don't like how it ended up."

I laughed, and hugged myself tighter to his warm body. How I wished I could stay there forever, and just hold him close to me.

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ciderel ciderel Nov 28, 2016
You called? Cause I'm here, I'm queer, and I don't drink beer. Because it's gross. And I don't drink alcohol. Im not old enough. I have like ten more years. My cat is like ten. Im getting sidetracked. What am I talking about?
ciderel ciderel Nov 28, 2016
Tbh at school it's like my name now they say it and I turn around like 'Are you talking about me? But I'm not gay? No? Definitely not?' And they weren't actually talking about me and I just opted myself and now my treehouse is on fire oh I need to save my cat.
Carnimops Carnimops Mar 08, 2016
That's so sweet 😊! But lemme guess, he doesn't have any...😢
ciderel ciderel Nov 28, 2016
The thing I don't have. Whenever I do have it it comes crashing down. And then it starts a fire. Oh no I hope my cat's okay.
hikohiroXharuhi hikohiroXharuhi Feb 20, 2017
That's what I don't have. Anytime I hope for something it happens but not the way I want it, someone ends up dead or I lost someone/something valuable to me.
ciderel ciderel Nov 28, 2016
What even is that. I don't know a lot of things. Life is confusing. So is my cat.